How Not To Get The Mark Of The Beast

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What is the mark of the beast? Is it a chip a bar code or a powerful computer? Is it the mysterious number '666' that Revelation refers to? In this study we will examine what the mark of the beast is, and more importantly, how you can avoid ever receiving the mark of the beast.

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1.The Rise Of Globalism And The New World Order
How will it affect you and your family? No one will be exempted from its effects. Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist, Christian, Skeptic, New Age... No sector of our lives will remain untouched!
2.Globalism - Who Will Make It Right?
Who will control the world? Will there be a one world government that will solve the issues that we face? Are the rise and fall of nation's random events? Can we really trust the Bible? Have the prophecies of the Bible withstood the test of time? In this presentation, we will journey to modern day Iraq and uncover a prophecy given 2,500 years ago that predicts the rise and fall of world empires to our day and beyond.
3.Is Global Warming A Global Warning?
In the last century there has been a sharp rise in earthquakes, terrorism, tsunamis, hurricanes, floods, droughts, food shortages and growing uncertainty. Are the rapidly changing conditions of the environment foreshadowing an event of even greater significance? In this seminar, we will compare the predictions of Jesus 2000 years ago with the front pages of our news headlines.
4.The Global Economic Meltdown
Today's finance report on our weekly news has shifted focus from Wall Street to Main Street. You will discover how Bible prophecy predicted our day. Will our world leaders come up with the solution? Discover how you can have peace.
5.The Ultimate Sacrifice
One of the most amazing prophecies in the entire Bible is tucked away at the end of Daniel chapter 9. It pin points the timing of the Messiah and His work. It is a breathtaking prophecy that enables you to put all of your trust in the One who made the ultimate sacrifice for you - Jesus.
6.Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?
Why, why, why? We have all asked the question at one time or another. If God is all powerful as the Bible claims, then why doesn't He do something? In this presentation we will face this issue head on and answer one of the most asked questions of all time.
7.The Antichrist Agenda - Part 1
Who is this Antichrist global power? When will this power arise? The Bible gives 10 crystal clear identifying marks.
8.The Antichrist Agenda - Part 2
Discover the exact identity of this global end-time power.
9.The Antichrist Agenda - Part 3 - When Opposites Attract
Discover how the antichrist power will seek to rule the world by forming the most unlikely coalition.
10.Peace In The Storm
Life can be tough. No matter where you happen to live on planet earth, one thing is for sure, you desire to have peace in your life. This is how God made us - He placed this desire into our DNA. You can have peace in the midst of the storms of life. Tune in to what may end up being the most life-changing message of your life.
11.The Ultimate Commitment
You are invited to make the ultimate commitment of your life. What do you need to do? In this episode you will discover the secret to living the best possible life you can live. It will take everything you got, but the reward is out of this world. Your greatest challenge will provide your greatest blessing.
12.Whatever Happened To Right And Wrong?
Today we live in a world where there are very few absolutes. As a result, the family unit which is the fabric and bedrock of a healthy society has broken down. God has given us a template for how we can protect our homes and families from the caner of immorality that is destroying our society. Discover the glue that will help you and your family in the turbulent times that we live.
13.The Sign Of God
Often, when couples get married they exchange wedding rings as a sign of their life-long commitment to one another. In this episode, you will discover the special sign that God has given that determines who are His people - especially at the very end of human history.
14.History's Greatest Hoax (Pt 1)
If Saturday is the day God has designated as the day of worship - the day His people are to set aside as holy, then why do more than 90% of Christians today go to church on Sunday? That is a fantastic question that deserves an answer. In part 1, we examine the Biblical evidence, especially from the New Testament concerning Sunday worship.
15.History's Greatest Hoax (Pt 2)
If Saturday is the day of worship, the Biblical Sabbath, then where did Sunday worship come from? Uncover how history's greatest hoax took place and how you can respond? In the end it is a matter of following truth or error. God's Word or man's opinion.
16.When The Heavens Are Rolled Back
The Bible tells us that we are living on the edge of the greatest event in human history. Millions upon millions know that Jesus is coming back to planet earth as He promised some 2000 years ago. However, there is great debate and disagreement as to how Jesus will come. What's the big deal? Watch and discover what can potentially save you from accepting the wrong 'Jesus'.
17.The End Of Tears
Today there is no shortage of tears, no matter where in the world you go. The Bible speaks of a day when the final tear will be wiped away. Yes, a day when there will no longer be any tears. Discover how you can be part of that great day.
18.There Really Is A Final Judgment - But You Don't Need To Be Afraid
The Bible speaks of a day when every person that has ever lived will have to face the judgment seat of God. When most people think of judgment, they get nervous at best, frightened to death at worst. Before Jesus returns, the final generation will live during the judgment hour. Discover how the judgment is great news for the one who has committed their life to Christ.
19.How To Postpone Your Funeral And Enjoy Life To The Full Now
Is good health about chance or choice? The Bible and science are clear - we can make a huge difference to not only the quantity of years we live but the quality of those years. Find out how science is finally catching up with God's blue print on how to live a happy and healthy life. You will be thrilled by what you will hear.
20.When God Made Plans
God has a temple in heaven. Discover the reason that God gave the sanctuary and its services to the children of Israel. Also, a look at how the sanctuary truth is under enemy fire and how God predicted that it would be restored just before Jesus comes again. Take a look at a breath taking prophecy - the longest time prophecy in the Bible.
21.New Beginnings
This is probably one of the, if not the subject that Satan hates most. God is in the business of offering each person a new beginning, no matter what the past may have been. God wants to offer you the ultimate new beginning in a very beautiful way. Find out how and why?
22.Deadly Delusions
What happens five minutes after you breathe your last? Depending on who you ask, you will get a number of different responses. There is more confusion in Christian circles concerning this subject than almost any other. Satan is using people's ignorance to his advantage in order to make one final assault on God's people. Remain undeceived - find out what the Bible really says concerning what happens when a person dies.
23.Hell - The Real Truth About A Hot Topic
Where and what is hell? The Bible has a lot to say about hell; however, there is much confusion as to what the Bible actually teaches on this important subject. Many have rejected God due to their understanding that the wicked will burn forever and ever whilst the righteous will live forever and ever with God. Many have said: "If that is what God is like, I don't want to have anything to do with Him." Find out the truth about hell and discover the love of God portrayed in this most unlikely of subjects.
24.How Not To Get The Mark Of The Beast
What is the mark of the beast? Is it a chip a bar code or a powerful computer? Is it the mysterious number '666' that Revelation refers to? In this study we will examine what the mark of the beast is, and more importantly, how you can avoid ever receiving the mark of the beast.
25.When The Beast Roars
Discover what the Bible says concerning the United States of America. Revelation predicts that the day will come when the world's leading ambassador for freedom - the land of the free and the home of the brave will become the leader in enforcing religious dogma contrary to the very foundations the country was established on more than two centuries ago. Ultimately, the tearing down of freedom of religion that will begin in the United States will spread like a vicious cancer throughout the entire world so that all who do not worship the beast power will not be able to buy or sell, or worse still, may pay the ultimate price. A not to be missed presentation in light of the times we are living in.
26.Babylon Is Alive And Well (Pt 1)
In this presentation we will discover who Babylon represents. Discover who is the scarlet harlot of Revelation 17. It won't be a great surprise for those who have been tracking Bible prophecy from Revelation 13 onwards.
27.Babylon Is Alive And Well (Pt 2)
How will Babylon rule the world? Why is the call so urgent for the people of God to come out of Babylon? Why has Babylon fallen? Discover how the harlot of Revelation has deceived the whole world into dancing to her tune.
28.Solving The Riddle Of Religious Confusion
Have you ever wondered why there are so many different Christian churches when there is only one Bible? At the very end of earth's history when men and women need clear understanding of truth, they are confused and bewildered, not knowing which way to turn. Many simply have given up trying to find God's church, that is, even if God has a church that He can point to and exclaim: "This is My church." Discover what the Bible has to say concerning God's end-time remnant church. Revelation will cut right through the fog and show forth a clear picture of Bible truth that will warm your heart.
29.Profits Or Prophets
Jesus told us that before He comes, there will be plenty of false prophets. False prophets who are more interested in making a "profit" rather than being used by God. The Bible clearly identifies how we can tell the true from the false. Take a look at some amazing Bible truths that will help you to distinguish the true from the false - every time.
30.Revelation's 144,000
Ever since the book of Revelation was written, Christians have had a fascination with the 144,000 redeemed saints at the end of time that we read of in Revelation chapter seven and fourteen. However, in the great debate as to whether the number is literal or symbolic, far too often one all important truth is buried - who are they that make up this number? That is, what type of character do they have? This is the all important question when we consider what Revelation has to say about the 144,000 saints of God at the end of time. This message is sure to challenge you to the very core of what it really means to follow the Lamb wherever He goes.
31.The Point Of No Return
In July 2000, Air France Concorde went passed the point of no return and crashed killing more than one hundred people on board. Is it possible for a person to go past the point of no return and be eternally lost? If so, how can this happen? Is it possible for a person who believes in God and His Word to miss out on eternal life? Jesus spoke of a sin that cannot be forgiven - the sin against the Holy Spirit. Discover how you can avoid sinning against the Holy Spirit and committing the unpardonable sin.
32.The Price Of Grace
Mel Gibson's The Passion of Christ made headlines in 2004 when it was first released. Movie goers were appalled by what they witnessed on the big screen - the barbaric, heartless cruelty that Jesus endured. The blood and gore was too much for some. The question remains, did Mel Gibson accurately depict what happened on Golgotha's hill? In this presentation, the final one in the series, we will bypass Hollywood's cameras and dig deep into the Holy Word in order to discover what really did happen at Calvary. As we journey from Gethsemane to Golgotha, we will discover the true price of grace. This message, unlike any other in this series, has the potential to completely transform your life and enable you to have a deeper love for Jesus that you have never had.